How does it work?

Christian House Sitters is an online service that connects Christian homeowners with Christian house sitters. House sitters are people who are willing to live in a homeowner’s house and take care of it while they are away. This can include tasks such as watering plants, feeding pets, and taking out the trash.

Christian House Sitters is a great way for Christian homeowners to find reliable and trustworthy people to care for their homes and pets while they are away. It is also a great way for Christian house sitters to enjoy rent-free vacations in beautiful homes around the world.

If you are a Christian homeowner or a Christian house sitter, we encourage you to check out Christian House Sitters. It is a great way to connect with other Christians and to enjoy the benefits of house sitting.

Here are some of the benefits of using Christian House Sitters:

  • Reliable and trustworthy house sitters. Christian House Sitters only accepts house sitters who are members of a recognised Christian Church and willing to supply you with two references, including one from a leader in their church. This means that you can be sure that the person who is taking care of your home is someone who is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Rent-free vacations. Christian House Sitters offers a platform for Christians to enjoy rent-free vacations all over the world. This means that you can save money on your next vacation and still enjoy a beautiful home and a comfortable place to stay.
  • Peace of mind. When you use Christian House Sitters, you can rest assured that your home and pets will be well taken care of. Our house sitters are experienced and qualified professionals who will take care of everything while you are away.

If you are interested in learning more about Christian House Sitters, please visit our website today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and to help you find the perfect house sitter for your needs


Benefits of a Vacation

There has been a lot of publicity recently about ChatGTP the programme that will do research and write a report for you.

I decided to test it and asked it for a list of the Benefits of a Vacation. I also asked it to create a suitable image.

Here are the unedited results:

As an AI language model, I am not capable of experiencing benefits, but here are some researched benefits of vacations:

1. Reduced Stress: Taking a break from work and routine stress is one of the significant benefits of vacations. Research shows that vacationing reduces cortisol levels (the stress hormone), lowers blood pressure and lowers heart rate, resulting in a calmer and more composed mind and body.

2. Improved Physical Health: Extended periods of work without breaks lead to burnout, fatigue and exhaustion, which ultimately affect physical health. Vacationing, on the other hand, improves physical health by promoting physical activity, a better sleep schedule, and adopting a healthier diet.

3. Enhanced Productivity and Creativity: Working on complex tasks for extended periods lowers productivity, motivation and creativity levels. Time off from work rejuvenates the brain and provides it with fresh ideas that can help in better problem-solving and decision-making skills.

4. Strengthened Relationships: Vacations strengthen relationships with loved ones by providing ample time for bonding, shared experiences, and quality time together. For families, vacations can create lifetime memories and develop stronger family bonds.

5. Improved Mental Health: Vacations provide a break from routine and stressful environments and allow an individual to relax and unwind, leading to improved mental health. Research suggests that people who take vacations report a decrease in anxiety, depression, and an overall improvement in their mood.

6. Increased Job Satisfaction: Taking vacations regularly leads to increased job satisfaction, motivation and employee retention rates. It also improves teamwork and collaboration by allowing the employees to return to the workplace with renewed energy and greater enthusiasm.

In conclusion, taking vacations is essential for overall health and well-being. It allows an individual to recharge, refresh, and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul, ultimately leading to increased productivity, improved relationships, and better mental health.

Well done to ChatGTP. I agree and if you are interested in a rent free vacation or in having someone to look after your house and pets free of charge while you are away please visit our website

God bless you,


We are on vacation in Malta

My wife and I enjoying a much needed vacation on the beautiful island of Malta.

We left a cold and wintery England and arrived in what the locals tell us is the coldest month of the year but as you can see from the pictures it is beautiful warm weather.

How could we afford this?

Are we wealthy?

Not at all.

We live on a very tight budget and depend on our state pension for everything. There is no way we could afford this sort of vacation.

But God.

God provided and we thank Him for his blessings.

You could also enjoy a vacation in one of the rent-free places that become available through Christian House Sitters. We get houses all over the world. I repeat they are completely rent free.

Have a look at our website for more information CLICK HERE

To encourage you I have included a few snaps I took over the past few days.

We even visited the ancient city of Mdina  is a fortified medieval town enclosed in bastions, located on a large hill in the centre of Malta. The town was the old capital of Malta, and with its narrow streets, few inhabitants, and beautiful panoramic views over the Island it is truly a magical town. Mdina is referred to as the “Silent City” by Maltese and visitors alike – no cars (except those of a limited number of residents) have permission to enter Mdina and the town provides a relaxing atmosphere among the visitors walking its narrow streets and alleyways, interesting buildings and fascinating shops.

REMEMBER to have a look at how you can also envoy a rent-free vacation CLICK HERE

God bless you


How to keep your home safe while you are away

Photo of masked intruder during robbery in villa

This is a revision of a post I put up 6 years ago.

I am repeating it as it has some very good advice that could save you a lot of problems and save you money.

The original post was prompted by an article I read published by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Below is an extract.

It contains some fairly good advice but as I point out it is not really the answer. Don’t worry I do share a better solution (and one that will not cost you anything) so keep reading.

Here is the extract

5 ways to burglar-proof your home

Over 70% of thieves search social media to find empty homes.
Beat the burglars by following these top tips to a more secure home:

1. Don’t share the fact your house is empty
It may be tempting to share your ‘hurrah, I’m going on holiday’ feeling with your friends but, according to, 78% of thieves use social media to find empty houses. It’s best to avoid posting about your break on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And make sure selfie-obsessed teenagers do the same!

2. Make your house look lived in
If you get milk or newspapers delivered, make sure you cancel them during your holiday so there isn’t a build up. If you have a window by your letterbox, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s covered so any prying eyes can’t see the build-up of letters by your front door. Things like this make it obvious to criminals that no one is home. If you have timers for your lights, use these to make it look as if someone is coming and going.

3. Recruit a neighbour or family member
If you have family or neighbours who can come over every day, they can make it look as if someone is in. If they can move your post, or park a car in the driveway, it will help put off a burglar who may be monitoring your home.

4. Lock all your windows and doors
A quarter of break-ins are through windows, so make sure they’re firmly locked, even those on upper floors. If no one is around, consider installing movement-activated floodlights or sensor lights at the front or back of your home.

5. Keep valuables in a safe place
Over half of people don’t leave their valuables in a secure place, according to a study by In fact, 13% leave items in a sock drawer – a popular target for burglars. It’s worth investing in a safe or finding a clever spot to stash precious jewellery and gadgets. For insurance purposes, doors should have a five-lever mortise deadlock to comply with BS3621 and window locks BS7950.

All excellent advice…. BUT sadly it is not that easy.

I wish it was that easy

Burglars also read those tips. They know the tricks we are advised to use and so are often not fooled.

The fact is that your house is still being left empty and while these ‘tricks & tips’ may help to hide that they are no substitute for having the house actually occupied with someone living there.

This is where we can help. And it is FREE.

We can help you find a suitable person or family to live in your home while you are away. they will even look after your pets. No pretending the house is occupied. It will be occupied by someone trustworthy with good references and it will not cost you anything.

The other side of the coin is that if you would like a rent-free vacation we have houses owners all over the world who let us know when they are going to be away and we can put you in contact with them.

Have a look at our website for more information. CLICK HERE

God bless you,


We are part of the registered charity

TLC Children’s Trust

UK Charity number 1156786

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Some information about us

Who are we?
What do we do?
How can we bless you?

Christian House Sitters

Who are we?

What do we do?

How can we bless you?

Christian House Sitters is an amazing ministry that provides a safe and secure platform for Christian families to find reliable and trustworthy house sitters.

We make it easy to find the perfect house sitter for your home, and our house sitters are thoroughly screened and come with two references, including one from a leader in their church.

With Christian House Sitters, you can rest assured that your home and pets will be well taken care of while you’re away.

Best of all, this amazing service is offered FREE of charge to Homeowners who register with us.

Not only that, but we also provide a platform for house sitters to enjoy rent free vacations all over the world.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy house sitter or want to enjoy rent free vacations look no further than Christian House Sitters.

With us, you can have confidence that your home will be in the best of hands.

Full details are on the website.

While there have a look at what the Christian press, all over the world,  have written about us. Just click on the Media Coverage page of the website.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, although I am sure that you will find almost everything clearly explained on the website

Sit back, relax and see how our free ministry can help you.

Please click on the picture below to view the short video about how Christian House Sitters can help you FREE to have someone look after your home and your pets FREE.

We can also help you find and enjoy a rent free vacation.

Plan or Fail?

It is almost 2023!

I do not know who originally said failing to plan is planning to fail as it seems to be attributed to so many different people

Whoever said it was right and no doubt that is why so many others have copied the phrase.  
As you go into 2023 may God direct your plans and guide you to be and to do what He wants from you.  
I believe a holiday (USA read vacation) is part of His plan for most of us.  
I am reminded of the following cartoon we used to have on our website

Plan your time away

We can help.


Click here for more information

God bless you,


Something Different

Christian House Sitters is a worldwide House Sitting Ministry but it is also part of the ministry of TLC Children’s Trust a UK registered charity.

Income from Christian House Sitters goes towards providing for the needs at the Children’s Home we run in Kenya.

We thought you may be interested in what happens there so here is a copy of the latest newsletter.

Home of Peace Newsletter 26 Nov 2022

Next Friday we will be driving up to Yorkshire for a week to see our Trustees Val & Keith Norton. Normally we can keep in touch by email, telephone and SMS or WhatsApp messages but ideally, we should see them at least once a year. We are looking forward to this as they are also our very good friends and wonderful trustees. They work hard fund raising for Home of Peace throughout the year.  

They will be running a stand at Aldborough Christmas Event next Saturday to raise funds for Home of Peace. Please pray for this as the fair is out in the street and there will be a lot of Christmas stalls with canopies to protect them from the weather. Pray for no strong winds or heavy rain. We will be posting some pictures to the Home of Peace Facebook page after the event so be sure to visit the site and click ‘like’ as that will ensure you get all Facebook updates

A lot has happened since our last newsletter! We will try to give you a few of the highlights and will not be going over the normal routine things that you no doubt know about from past updates

Thing have been ’interesting’  as the cost of living has increased worldwide. In Kenya our food bill has gone up by about 60%. That is an essential we can’t reduce!

This at the same time that people around the world have been struggling and sadly some have found it necessary to reduce their giving.

We want to thank God for all those of you who have been so faithful in your giving. I do not know how we have managed but somehow God has always provided (often at the last minute)

Your gifts make it possible for us to look after, feed, accommodate, clothe, educate, and provide medical care for all the students and children many of them would otherwise have been left to starve to death.

Thanks to your support they now end up educated, healthy and well adjusted. Previous 3 students have gone on to university, others have trained at Tech College and qualified in hair dressing, beauty, tailoring, and electrical work, etc. These now have a live and it is largely thanks to the generous, often sacrificial, support of people like you. God bless you.

Clarification we refer to those in  Secondary School as students rather than children and we say Children for those who are below Secondary School.  All our students complete form 4 as this is very important in order to get a decent job.

Our staff are all paid a basic wage as stipulated by the Kenyan Government and in addition we pay their medical insurance, pension contributions and the 52 staff children all receive a gift of maize every month with sufficient to feed them for the month. The staff work 5 days a week and get 3 meals a day when they are working.


In August Kenya held their Presidential Election. Sadly, the country has a past record of pre and post election riots, violence and killings. We thank God that we did not experience any problems this time even though there was a change of President.

Naturally we do not get involved in politics and we always tell our staff that they should not allow political differences to influence their behaviour, but we must say we were encouraged to read that the new President says he has a history as an evangelist, and so does his wife and they both claim to be strong Christians. He says he will try to put Christian values first.

President of Kenya

His Excellency Hon.William Ruto PhD., C.G.H.


All the children at Home of Peace need to be checked and recommitted to our care on a regular basis by the Children’s Court. The committals are for 3 years at a time unless something unexpected happens during that time. In August the Children’s Court and the Dept of Children’s Services examined all our children’s records and we received confirmation of the committal of them all.

All our children and students are with us by order of the Children’s Court.

On the 1st of September the Dept of Children’s Services and the Court had to allocate us an additional 7 children who were in desperate need. Sorry we obviously can’t give the details. We created additional space by moving those who had turned 18 and were just finishing their final school year into other accommodation next door to Home of Peace. So, 7 more school uniforms, 7 more school fees and books, 7 more sets of clothing, 7 more to feed and the list goes on but we believe God sent them and He knew what He was doing so we trusted Him to bless them and supply their needs. Praise God He did in the most amazing way. We thank God for all who were involved.


There was a severe storm at Home of Peace during the night of the 26 of September. It damaged local houses in the surrounding community and sadly badly damaged the one dormitory roof. We managed to get the roof fixed quickly. The builder we use is honest, fast and does a good job.


Our Kenyan Trustees of Home of Peace Children’s Home meet every few months to monitor the work, make suggestions and report back to us in the UK. They also individually visit as often as they like and can inspect anything without prior notice.

The meetings last for a few hours and also involve informal chats over lunch and an opportunity to visit everything at Home of Peace and chat to the staff.

In the pictures you will see

James, our previous Manager who has retired and is Chair of our Kenyan Trustees

Mary known as the Prayer Warrior. She is a wonderful lady in her 80’s

Samuel. Our Technical Expert who checks all the electrical, building and plumbing and very often repairs things himself as a gift to the work. He is in demand all over Kenya doing contract work for Kenya Power.

Behind the computer is Kevin our fantastic Senior Manager. Unseen is Erick our Purchasing Manager, because he took the pictures. Erick saves us money always getting us wonderful bargains.


We provide a DayCare facility for our pre-school children and for the children of our staff at Home of Peace. The DayCare looks after our youngest children and those attending ECD (Early Childhood Development) classes after they finish their 2 hour ECD session.

Hellen manages the DayCare.

In October we moved the DayCare from outside of Erick & Hellen’s house to its own room at Home of Peace (see photo) as this is safer, easier to supervise and better for everyone.

The inside has been painted and the tiled floor laid and during the holidays members of the Art Club will draw and paint pictures on the walls which you will see in the next newsletter.


Do you have children who have sat exams?  Do you remember when you sat exams?

A stressful time!

Here is a message we received from Kevin, our Senior Manager.

Our children in primary school will be sitting for their exams from the 28th of November 2022. Please pray for them as they undergo their eight-year test.

Our secondary school students in Ndori will be sitting for their final form four examinations from the 2nd of December 2022. Please Pray for them.


No we have not yet reached December still a few days to go but we need to plan ahead. The secondary students, the primary school children and the ECD children are all on holiday for 2 months. Please pray for our hard-working staff.

Christmas and New Year are fast approaching. Every year we try to give the staff, students and children a special celebration meal with treats, and we try to give every child and student a gift of clothing.  If we are able, we would like to give the 10 youngest children each a small toy which will be something very special to them.

Most of the funds for this traditionally come from the wonderful members of Christian House Sitters BUT sadly due to the Covid restrictions on travel over the past couple of years coupled with the problems of inflation and a massive increase in living costs we lost a lot of members so if you feel that you would like to help us cover the cost of this important time please mark your donation ‘Christmas Celebration’ 

Any help greatly appreciated.

To send a gift for Christmas / New Year
or the running costs of Home of Peace. 

God bless you,

Love in Jesus,

Marilyn & Ray

The more things change the more they stay the same

In 1849, French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr wrote “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose “ – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In 2010 Bon Jovi sang:

The more things change the more they stay the same
Ah, is it just me or does anybody see
The new improved tomorrow isn’t what it used to be
Yesterday keeps comin’ ’round, it’s just reality

Things are changing!

As an example, today the UK welcomed in our 3rd Prime Minister this year. Politically we have seen constant change all over the world

But even in these changing and often difficult times some things remain the same. As humans we still get tired, stressed and ill.

As most of you will know our charity  runs a Kenyan Government Registered Children’s Home and food costs alone have increased by well over £1,000 per month during this year so we do understand financial pressure

We still long for some time away from the treadmill of daily life.

But for most of us, we feel it is asking too much, as money simply does not go as far as it did

We would like to remind you that WE CAN HELP YOU

If you are planning a getaway and don’t want to leave your home unoccupied and vulnerable to being broken into or damaged.

If you don’t want to leave your pets in kennels or a cattery because it is expensive and also hard on the pets.

We can help you! Our ministry is worldwide so take advantage wherever you live and because it is free there is nothing to lose!

Register as a Home Owner with Christian House Sitters (Yes, it is free) and we  will try to find you the ideal Christian to look after your home and your pets while you are away. Their service will not cost you anything.

Hopefully this means you can get a break from the pressures of life, spend time relaxing and rebuilding relationships and come home refreshed.

How do you arrange to benefit from this FREE service.

Easy. CLICK HERE and Register as a home owner.

Remember do not leave it to the last minute. Register asap so potential sitters have time to make the necessary arrangements.

Do not delay. At the moment we are a little short of houses so you can expect a good response and you will be able to choose the sitters you like best.

God bless you,


Vacation Chaos. We can we help you?

The past couple of years have been difficult because of the Covid travel restrictions.

They are now almost all lifted BUT have been replaced with new problems such as the chaos at airports, the cancellation of flights, the rail strike, the massive increase in fuel costs (not to even mention living costs)

The pictures above are showing the situation in the UK but sadly the same is true in so many countries at the moment.

As a result many people who desperately need a break simply can’t afford to get away at the moment.

WE CAN HELP. If you are a Christian and attached to a recognised Christian church.

We can arrange for a reliable person or family to look after your home and your pets FREE of charge while you are away. Saving on the cost of putting your loved pets in an expensive facility and leaving your home empty and open to burglary.

We can arrange FREE accommodation around the world for you looking after someone’s home while they are away. No hotel expenses, no confined to a small room, all the benefits of living in a lovely house and costing you nothing.

May we suggest that you look at our website CLICK HERE and then prayerfully consider registering with us.

Registering for someone to look after your home and pets is FREE

Registering to be offered available houses around the world costs just £25 a year and even that money does not go to us it goes to support a Christian Children’s Home in Kenya. Details can be found if you CLICK HERE

Do not delay. At the moment we are a little short of houses so you can expect a good response and you will be able to choose the sitters you like best. CLICK HERE

God bless you


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