To Staycation or to Vacation?

Road signI have just been reading a report on research into the benefits of what people now call a Staycation.

In my younger days we just said we could not afford a vacation so were staying at home. But Staycation gives it a nice name.

The research I was reading was published in a press release today by prnewswire.

To my mind the most interesting part is as follows:

As families try to squeeze in one last-minute getaway, they have to choose between staying close to home or taking one last out-of-town trip for the summer. However, this raises the question: do travelers really get a full, unplugged vacation experience that leaves them relaxed and recharged if they don’t select an out-of-town destination?

A survey by, the number one U.S. provider of beach vacations dedicated to the Caribbean and Mexico, has found the answer is often a resounding “no.”

While much has been made about “staycations” in recent years, the survey data showed that 66 percent of U.S. consumers say they’d rather really get away than enjoy a “staycation” close to home during the summer. Many consumers feel that vacations taken further away from home are superior to staycations for overall benefits (68 percent) and happiness (66 percent).

 Additionally, only 39 percent feel like they can unplug and recharge or avoid distractions while on a “staycation.” “Vacationing away from our usual surroundings help us take a break, have fun and bond with our families; not to mention, recharge and, in turn, perform better at every day and work tasks upon return,” …….

I am inclined to agree. We are all familiar with the saying that a change is as good as a holiday. Well think how much better it is when we combine them. A holiday with a change to somewhere new and different.

Sadly with the world economy in a mess many people feel that they have no choice. They simply can’t afford to go away.

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Do you find a summer vacation too expensive?

As I was browsing the internet today I saw an article about the financial pressure faced by parents in Canada as their children begin a 60 day school break, The article was by Kim Fox  and can be seen in full at

Here is an extract:

Today Canadian kids are celebrating the start of more than 60 days of freedom with the last day of school. But  parents may not be as eager for the two-month break. They can feel  pressured to fill their children’s days with activities to keep them engaged and learning.

Summer activity costs can quickly add up. A week at overnight camp is about $700, while a day camp  checks in at around $300. Sports teams fees, music lessons, tutoring sessions and family vacations can break a well-meaning parent’s budget.

Wow $700 for a week and the children have 8 weeks and most families have more than 1 child. It is hardly surprising that with these costs some families feel they can’t also afford to take a family vacation.

But we all know how vital it is for a family to be able to take a break and spend time together. These are the times that build family unity and create memories that will last for the rest of your children’s lives.

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