Praying Hands by Ashley Reece

We are continuing our periodic series of articles by published Christian authors in which they tell us a little about themselves and also suggest some vacation reading for when you are next housesitting with Christian House Sitters.

Today we feature the work of Ashley Reece

Ashley Reece

Ashley Reece was born and raised in Detroit, MI to her parents Pastor William Reece & Angela Reece.  She In December 2010, she founded is an online Christian magazine for youth.  Ashley attends the Blessed Community Baptist Church in Michigan.  Her father Pastor William C. Reece, Jr. is pastor

Ashley write:

My parents instilled in me at a young the importance of believing and following Christ.  As a preschool teacher, I learned that many children had no idea about praying.  Some also had no idea about Jesus Christ.  That bothered me and I feel that everyone should not only know about Jesus, but also praise and worship his name.  I’m a firm believer that Christ is the only way we are able to wake up and live each day.  He is the only one that makes all things possible in our lives. 

Strong Little Praying Hands-Christian Prayer Book for Youth

By: Ashley D. Reece

Strong Little Praying Hands

The Lord had placed on my heart last year to write “Strong Little Praying Hands”.  I’m a strong believer in Christ and if I did not have him I would not be here today.  We all have had trials and tribulations.  I’ve been lied on, mistreated and unemployed.  I woke up some days and had no idea how I was going to make it.  Jesus was all I had and sometimes you have to be at your lowest to get closer to him.  I prayed everyday and every night.  I remained faithful and did not give up.   The Lord answered my prayers and he is still blessing me.  “Strong Little Praying Hands”, is a prayer-book for children.  Prayer allows us to communicate with God, and children should learn the importance of prayer early on in their lives.  This book contains twelve prayers and twelve related bible verses.  While reading this book, children can recite prayers that relate to their everyday life and learn bible verses about praying.  I want the youth to know that they can pray to God about anything.  They should get in the habit of praying daily and not just when they need something in their lives.  We should pray when we’re happy and sad.  We should pray when things are going right in our life and when their going wrong.  I’m a witness that the Lord will continue to bless and protect us if we believe in his word, follow his commands and pray.  

Strong Praying Hands-Christian Prayer & Devotion Book for Everyone

By: Ashley D. Reece

Strong Praying Hands

Since Strong Praying Hands for Youth was published, I decided to write a book for adults as well.  Strong Praying Hands is a Christian Prayer & Devotion Book for Christian’s all over the world. Great for readers who want to grow closer to Christ, learn about topics that affect us every day and how to handle them with the guidance of Christ!  The book contains prayer, related bible verses, and discussion topics.  Some topics discussed are gossip, friendship and more.  Praise God, pray, read & learn at the same time!

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