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I have allowed this blog to slip and I apologize for not posting anything for a while.
I could make a lot of excuses but the simple fact is even though life has been hectic I should post more often. Sorry.

Instead of just talking about Christian House Sitters I  thought that I would try and show you why we run this ministry. It has a 3-fold purpose.

1. It provides free accommodation to Christian’s who need a vacation.

2. It provides peace of mind to Christian’s who need someone to look after their home and pets (free of charge) while they are away. For example this morning I received the following email from one of our registered homeowners.

We recently had a great 3 weeks in the Deep South of USA – our much-needed break was made all the more enjoyable because of the peace of mind that two wonderful couples who were house sitting and caring or our two dogs. We even got regular email/text updates from them during our time away – so reassuring.

3. The funds provided by people paying £25 per year to register as House Sitters go to a Christian Children’s Home in Kenya. Yes, 100% of the funds. We do not hold back anything, the cost of running the site is covered personally by my wife and I. This is a ministry, not a business.

Here is something that we put on the Home of Peace Children’s Home Facebook page yesterday.

We recently faced a dilemma. We were visited by the Department of Children’s Services with a lovely young boy who needed urgent placement. I will not go into the details of why he needed the placement.
He arrived with just the clothes he was wearing. Nothing else!
Our dilemma. Do we accept him even though we don’t have any extra funds to look after him or do we send him away to live on the streets and probably die? To us the answer was obvious!
He is now living happily and safely at Home of Peace. Here is a picture of him feeling excited that he has a safe place to live, clothes, food and loving people to look after him.

Child with new clothes
Thank you for caring for me.

If you are thinking of a vacation and want someone to look after your home please visit our website and register as an owner. It is FREE.

Register as soon as you know your vacation dates, don’t leave it to the last-minute, as that way you will have a much better range of sitters to choose from.

If you want to be a sitter and to enjoy a rent-free vacation then we can also help.

Have a look at the website for the details. CLICK HERE

God bless you,


We are part of the registered charity

TLC Children’s Trust

UK Charity number 1156786


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A Wonderful Christmas.

Christian House Sitters has 2 reasons for existing.

1. We enable Christians all over the world to save loads of money and enjoy wonderful rent-free vacations

2. We use all our income to support children at the Home of Peace Childrens Home in Kenya. Children who would otherwise be homeless, living and often dying on the streets.

In this post I would like to share some of the pictures we received from the home after Christmas.

These pictures were taken as the children celebrated with a party and each child received a new item of clothing thanks to the generous gifts of our supporters.

Waiting for their 'Party Plate'

Waiting to receive their special ‘party plate’ of treats 

Enjoying their special treats.

Enjoying their special treats. Wearing their new items of clothing.

Games after lunch

Games after lunch

Outside the new Nursery Room we build for themOutside the new Nursery Room we build for them in 2011

Our wonderful team of workersOur wonderful team of workers

Please continue to pray for these children.

Our next challenge is that we need to pay school fees and buy uniforms for the 80 children this month.

 We also urgently need more regular sponsors to provide the funds for food. We send out money every 2 weeks but each time it is an ‘adventure in faith’ waiting to see how God will provide what is needed.

You can read more about the Children’s Home by CLICKING HERE

You can read more about Christian House Sitters by CLICKING HERE

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