A Wonderful Christmas.

Christian House Sitters has 2 reasons for existing.

1. We enable Christians all over the world to save loads of money and enjoy wonderful rent-free vacations

2. We use all our income to support children at the Home of Peace Childrens Home in Kenya. Children who would otherwise be homeless, living and often dying on the streets.

In this post I would like to share some of the pictures we received from the home after Christmas.

These pictures were taken as the children celebrated with a party and each child received a new item of clothing thanks to the generous gifts of our supporters.

Waiting for their 'Party Plate'

Waiting to receive their special ‘party plate’ of treats 

Enjoying their special treats.

Enjoying their special treats. Wearing their new items of clothing.

Games after lunch

Games after lunch

Outside the new Nursery Room we build for themOutside the new Nursery Room we build for them in 2011

Our wonderful team of workersOur wonderful team of workers

Please continue to pray for these children.

Our next challenge is that we need to pay school fees and buy uniforms for the 80 children this month.

 We also urgently need more regular sponsors to provide the funds for food. We send out money every 2 weeks but each time it is an ‘adventure in faith’ waiting to see how God will provide what is needed.

You can read more about the Children’s Home by CLICKING HERE

You can read more about Christian House Sitters by CLICKING HERE