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We were protected by God

Looking at the news I am reminded that the UK is having a really rough time with the weather at the moment.

M6 in the snowOver the past week we have seen thousands of schools forced to close and on Friday night hundreds of motorists were trapped for up to 10 hours on the M6 (a major motorway).

Now for my American readers may I remind you that the whole of England can comfortably fit into Michigan or  Wyoming or Oregon. It is a small country and virtually the entire country has been snowbound. Not only England but we have had serious problems in Scotland and Wales as well.

Marilyn (my wife) and I are thanking God!

A couple of days before the snow arrived we went off to do a house sit in North Cornwall, England. We are staying in a fabulous big place (rent-free) with wonderful grounds and glorious views.

We have not seen a single snow flake.

Our ViewHere are a couple of pictures that I took this morning. Blue sky and beautiful views. OK I admit we have had some rain and wind but so what.

As many of you will know Marilyn has not been at all well for the past few years and she really does not cope with the cold. So God providing this lovely house sit, in the sun, while the rest of the UK is covered in snow is, in my opinion, a demonstration of His love.

We give Him thanks.Img_0227

Am I saying that because we are Christians we never have problems? NO! That is not what I am saying. We have problems. We have difficulties and we struggle at times just like everyone else. All I am saying is that our Father knows and loves us.

Those of you who have been following this blog will know that we are living in rented accommodation and that the house has now been sold. As a result we need to find somewhere to live from the end of March. Not easy. (Long story if you are interested see    ) but again we are trusting that God knows and I look forward to telling you how He has worked it out. I can’t tell you yet because at this moment I have no idea. I am still waiting for Him to provide suitable accommodation for us.

Anyway all I wanted to do today was share how God has again blessed us and looked after us through the atrocious weather.

Christian House Sitters has blessed hundreds from all over the world and this time God used it to bless Marilyn and I.


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