Is God in Control? YES!

This Sunday I am preaching at our church on the topic of the Sovereignty of God.

God is in controlI did not choose the topic it was given to me but God certainly had His hand in that. The preparation has been a blessing to me reminding me that if He is indeed God then nothing is beyond His ability. I can therefore trust Him no matter how difficult the circumstances.

As regular readers will know Marilyn and I are going through a time of change at the moment. We have been living in a rented house but the owner has had to go into a care home and her family needed to sell the house to pay her expenses so we have been house hunting.

We were originally due to be out of here at the end of last month but had not found anywhere suitable and the house sale was delayed so the owner said we could stay until the 15th.

We then found what seems like an ideal house (more about that in a later blog) and told the agents we needed to move by the 15th. They assured us that should not be a problem.

But things began going wrong. Firstly we needed more money than we expected because of the size of the security deposit that the agent wanted and because they charge a hefty administration fee. God provided.

Then forms that they posted took 4 days to arrive instead of 1 day. Forms posted back to them never arrived. This created a delay in getting the application processed.

The present tenants then decided that they needed some more time to move.

Up to this morning we were still in a state of limbo waiting to hear if we would be moving in 3 days time. If so we needed to contact removal companies and see if they were still available as well as sort out loads of other last-minute things.

This morning we got an email from the agents saying it will now only be at the end of the month.

I immediately contacted our present landlady and she said her sale has again been delayed and it would help her if we could stay on the additional 2 weeks.

So it is all coming together but I must admit that there have been moments over the past couple of weeks when I was wondering if God really did have it all under control. He does! So I now look forward to sharing this all on Sunday.

What happens to Christian House Sitters when we move?

Once we move I will change the contact details on the Christian House Sitters website and also the contact phone number. But do not worry the work will go on as normal. There may be 1 day when I am not able to update everything because the computer etc. is in transit but at the worst that will be a 24 hour period before all gets back to normal.

God bless you


I found this and it blessed me


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