Overcoming Prejudice.


I saw the picture above on a friend’s Facebook page and it really appealed to me.

I grew up in a very small rural community of farmers in South Africa and did not travel abroad until after I was married and we had children.  Unknown to me I was forming mental pictures of national stereotypes that encouraged prejudice.



Since then I have lived in England for many years, spent a year in France, months in Italy and visited about 20 countries for prolonged periods. The result is that I now have a far better understanding of people from different cultures and I have friends all over the world.

In my opinion the best way to get to know people from other cultures is to spend some time living with them. A vacation staying in a hotel catering for tourists is great but no substitute for living with the locals.

But, I hear you object, it costs so much I can’t afford to travel all over the world.

Neither can I but that has not stopped me and hopefully my travelling days are far from over. There are still so many places I want to visit, so many people I want to meet and even places I want to re-visit.

The only way I have been able to afford it is by House Sitting. That means my only expense is getting there and my food. My accommodation is free of charge. What a blessing. It also means I stay in lovely homes rather than a hotel room, I meet real local people, I can visit the home owners local church if I wish and be assured of a good welcome and I have a wonderful time and make new friends.

Why don’t you give it a try?

Christian House Sitters can help you enjoy  rent free vacations all over the world. We can also help you find reliable people who will look after your home and pets free of charge while you are away.

Have a look at the website for more details. CLICK HERE

God bless you



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Top Vacation Destinations

I love travelling.Spinning Earth

God has blessed me and allowed me to visit many countries over the years but I still get excited at the prospect of going somewhere different.

My personal list of places I would still love to visit includes Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I would also love to return to the USA and South Africa

As I was thinking about places I would like to visit I decided to do a little research and see how my list compares with the  ‘official’ lists.


According to http://bit.ly/UvW3CJ American people spend a lot of time arranging their vacations. For these people, vacations offer not only an opportunity to bond together with friends and family. It is also a time to get away and loosen up the body and mind. Vacations revitalize and make all of them enjoy what they have. For American people who spend their vacations in another country and for people who wish to go outside the country, they usually decide to go to:
New Zealand,
Great Britain.


People in the UK spend multiple millions each year travelling. When going abroad their choice of destinations, according to http://bit.ly/6hN1jT, is:



According to http://bit.ly/XiLuzx Travel + Leisure magazine invited Australians to vote on their dream lists of top spots throughout the world.
The results were:
New Zealand,

Where do you want to go?

What is stopping you?

If the only thing stopping you is the cost we can most likely help by cutting out the cost of your accommodation while you are away and also arranging for someone to look after your home and pets free of charge.

Sounds to good to be true? Read on and judge for yourself.

When I looked down those lists it dawned on me that over the past year Christian House Sitters has offered rent-free accommodation in all those countries with the sole exception of Greece. In addition we have also offered rent-free accommodation in a large number of countries that did not make the ‘top places’ lists

Collage of recent houses on CHS

This is a collage of a few of the recent rent-free properties we have been able to offer.

So may I encourage you to prayerfully consider the following:

1 If you want a rent-free vacation visit our site CLICK HERE and if you like what you see register as a House Sitter

2. If you want someone to look after your home and pets while you are away visit the site CLICK HERE and register as a Home Owner

3. You could naturally register as both an owner and a sitter.

God bless you,


CHS Details

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Celebrating Christmas around the world.

Christmas all over the worldMarilyn and I have been blessed and have travelled to a lot of different countries. It has been fascinating to see how things that we take for granted in our own country can appear so odd and are experienced so differently by our neighbours around the world.

Because of Christian House Sitters we have been able to enjoy Christmas in France (twice), Italy and the USA. In addition I grew up in South Africa and we now live in England.

In South Africa  Christmas is a summer holiday. In December, the southern summer brings glorious days of sunshine that carry an irresistible invitation to the beaches, the rivers, and the shaded mountain slopes. Then the South African holiday season reaches its height. Schools are closed, and camping is the order of the day. I remember how carollers made their rounds on Christmas Eve. Church services were held on Christmas morning. Christmas Eve celebrations in larger towns often include “Carols by Candlelight”. Homes were decorated with Christmas fir trees (often artificial and covered in fake snow)Roast Turkey Dinner

Many South Africans have a Christmas dinner in the open-air at mid-day, it is usually a traditional dinner of either turkey,  vegetables, and plum pudding, crackers and paper hats.

Often followed by a dip in the swimming pool.

When we moved to England there was hardly any difference except that it was mid-winter not summer so no need for fake snow and certainly no afternoon swim.

The first Christmas we spent in central France we were frustrated. We really battled to find a turkey. Christmas pudding and Christmas cake were unknown to the local supermarket. We did some research and found that the French make a traditional Yule log-shaped cake called the buche de Nol, which means “Christmas Log.” buche de Nol

The cake, among other food in great abundance is served at the grand feast of the season, which is called le reveillon which is a very late supper held after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The menu for the meal apparently varies according to regional culinary tradition. In Alsace, goose is the main course while the Parisians feast upon oysters.

Our Christmas in Italy was far from typical as we were staying high in the mountains and for 10 days could not leave the house because of a severe snow storm. So I read up on their Christmas traditions and discovered that On christmas Eve the dinner is called cenone which is a traditional dish of eel. Christmas lunch is Tortellini in Brodo which is filled pasta parcels in broth, also served is cappone which is boiled capon, or roasts are served in central Italy.Italian Christmas meal

Apparently in Italy the children wait until Epiphany, January 6, for their presents. According to tradition, the presents are delivered by a kind ugly witch called Befana on a broomstick. It was said that she was told by the three kings that the baby Jesus was born, she was busy and delayed visiting the baby. She missed the Star lost her way and has been flying around ever since, leaving presents at every house with children in case he is there. She slides down chimneys, and fills stockings and shoes with good things for good children and it is said leaves coal for children who are not so good.

Our American Christmas was fabulous with the traditional Christmas dinner of roast turkey with vegetables and sauces. For dessert it is rich, fruity Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. Mince pies, pastry cases filled with a mixture of chopped dried fruit. Not unlike what we have back in England.

How do you celebrate your Christmas?

I am really interested to hear from people all over the world.

As you know we run Christian House Sitters for 2 reasons. Firstly it provides Christians all over the world with the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures. Staying in lovely homes rent-free. That is why we have been able to experience so many different international Christmases. Christian House Sitters also finds you someone reliable and responsible to look after your own home and pets while you are away. This is a free service.

The second reason for Christian House Sitters is to provide funds to run the Home of Peace Children’s Home in Kenya. We not only provide all their funds for food, accommodation, clothing, medical expenses and education but we are in daily contact and Marilyn ensures that the home is run properly and the money is used correctly. To read about it  CLICK HERE

Our involvement with this home brings home a couple of important biblical teachings. In Matthew 25: 41-45 we read “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’  “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

In James 1:27 it says: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress

Kenya 2010 051

As you enjoy your Christmas with the delicious food, exciting gifts and wonderful blessings will you take a moment to prayerfully ask if God would have you share something with these children. You can do so online at the bottom of the  Home of Peace News update webpage page CLICK HERE

God bless you and may your Christmas be filled with His love, peace and joy.


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