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We are continuing our periodic series of articles on good vacation reading for Christians. Once again we are delighted that an author has agreed to write a brief article about their work especially for our blog.

Annie Bradshaw the author is also, I am delighted to say, one of our registered members of Christian House Sitters.

Asked to describe herself she says: A wild child, ran away to Holland at 15, 3rd in Miss Wales at 20, 1st female DJ at Stringfellows at 22. Fell for Jesus in ’94. Now Screenwriter for the Kingdom




 So often in life it seems as though the good things we desire are thwarted by what can sometimes feel like an invisible enemy.

At other times what opposes us is real, maybe in the shape of our parentage, or our circumstances, or maybe just the people we choose to befriend.

For many of us the desire for something ‘better’ can be enough to fuel our determination and thereby change the hand that life has dealt us. But for some it would appear that no matter which way they turn, the ‘demon’ is right there waiting for them.

‘Thief’ isn’t so much an example of human perseverance or endurance, although for sure these attributes are displayed throughout the story. Rather it is a tale about hope surviving against all odds.  A declaration that no matter what life throws at us, there is One who has a purpose and destiny for our lives that cannot be undone.

The human heart is a fragile thing and when broken the pain can be such that what was once so soft can become callous and hard. And yet, each human kindness shown to such a heart can be a preservative that prevents ultimate death. And even if not in the conscious mind of the bearer, it is stored away, to be remembered when faced with another broken heart needing consolation. And so it is that those with the saddest of lives can pour out immeasurable hope to those who have none.

Nabal and Nivcah were two boys from the same village whose options were few. Both born into poverty and oppression, it would seem that their future had been determined with no way out.  And yet even in the direst of situations we have the precious gift of choice. But who has the final say and when do those choices end?

Some of the characters depicted in ’Thief’ prove that it’s never too late to turn things around. But though they both lived their lives as thieves, the ultimate destinies of Nabal and Nivcah were as distant as Heaven is from Hell.

‘Thief’ will take the reader to a distant time and place, but the challenges of the characters in the story are no different than those we face today.

For Nabal and Nivcha the final choice is life, but who will choose it?

‘Thief’ is available on Amazon for download to a Kindle or any device with a Kindle app. You can go direct to the page using this shortened link: where you will also find several reviews.

Below is just one reader’s response on American Amazon:

‘Thief ‘stole my heart, February 5, 2012

I am constantly amazed at how a gifted writer with a heart for a story can bring to life a few lines from the scriptures. This story gripped me from the first pages, transporting me to the land of Israel in the days of Jesus. Ms. Bradshaw has clearly done her historical homework. Happily, you don’t feel the sense of dry history as she leads you back to His time through the story of a broken man. I highly commend it to you!  Comment by Janey Barnhart

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