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This has been taken from our Christian House Sitters website ( ) and slightly adapted for this blog posting

Housesitting is a wonderful way to enjoy your holiday without having the expense of renting accommodation. However it is important to prepare correctly, as that will mean that you have the very best holiday and your home owners benefit from having you there as well.

Before you agree to the house sit it is important that you have conversation is with the owners during which you find out exactly what they are expecting from you and what they are offering. That way, the are no nasty surprises either party. Hopefully the owners will have listed all their requirements and the details of the property accurately when they joined but it is still worth confirming everything.

If you are going to be looking after animals please find out from the owners what they expect you to do. For example it may be important to not leave the animals alone for more than a set number of hours. You do not want to find this out after you have arrived. It is far better to know before you agree to the house sit.

We strongly recommend that you ask the owners to write down exactly what is expected of you. This may include things such as looking after animals, watering pot plants, taking in the mail or taking telephone messages, etc.

No doubt you will have followed the advice given on our website to have a written agreement with the home owners and these details should be included in that agreement. If not please look at the Suggested Agreement page on website.

Please make a point of arranging your arrival and departure time with the owners before the house sit. Plan your journey carefully as it is obviously important for the owners to be able to leave for their holiday on time and it is very inconvenient if you arrive late.

Remember the owners have been kind enough to allow you the use of their property while they are away so treat it with respect. When they come back, they will expect to find the house is clean and well looked after.

Sadly, accidents do happen, and occasionally there may be a breakage. When that happens, it is your responsibility. And we would expect you to inform the owners as soon as possible and to arrange to either repair or replace the damaged item.

It is always thoughtful and appreciated when a house sitter prepares a meal for the returning family. Remember they have no doubt had a long journey and the last thing they feel like doing on arriving home is preparing a meal.

Discuss with the owners how they feel about you using any supplies that they have left in the house. Do not simply assume that they have been there for your benefit. The owners may will be expecting to use those products when they return. If you do use anything it is good manners to replace it. In the same way you are expected to cover the cost of telephone calls which you make during their absence.

If you do have any questions please clarify them with the owners before you agree to the house sit and if in doubt feel free to contact us.


House Sitting Explained

The concept of House Sitting is new to a lot of people.  As a result I get many emails requesting me to simply explain the system.

In essence it is very simple.

A House Sitter moves into your home while you are away on holiday. They look after your home and pets for you and in return they receive a rent free holiday in your home.

The house owner saves money by not having to pay anyone to look after their home and pets. For example In the UK having someone to look after your pets costs an average of £200 per week. The majority of us can’t afford that. And even then if you hire a sitter through an agency they select the person.  You have no idea who you are letting into your home.

Using the Christian House Sitters service you are able to make contact with potential sitters and prayerfully select the right person or persons.

They have the security of knowing that their home and pets are being looked after by a responsible Christian.

The House Sitter gets to travel and stay in lovely homes rather than an expensive and often characterless hotel room.

For example recently Marilyn & I spent a couple of months living in France and a year later we spent 3 months in the Italian Mountains. This  was something we could not have afforded without being house sitters. We became part of the local community and had a lovely time.

In return we looked after  beautiful houses and their pets.

Remember if you have any questions you can always email me.


Is it safe?

Is it safe to list my house for house sitting?

People sometimes contact me through Christian House Sitters because they are worried about security.  They ask me if it is  safe to list their house or if that is an announcement to say that they will be away? Is it an invitation to burglars telling them it is a good time to break in and steal your valuables?

When we set up Christian House Sitters we were very aware of the security problem and as a result we have built in a number of levels of protection.

1. On the site you list only the general location of your home such as town and country. You do not give your actual street address. And even those details can only be seen by registered members.

2. Your email address is not revealed to anyone until you decide to respond to someone who sends you a message via us saying that they are interested in house sitting for you.

3. So even if someone becomes a member until you choose to tell them the specifics all they would know is that someone in your town is going to be on holiday.

4. Finally because you are listed most people will assume that while you are away you have a house sitter looking after the property. A house sitter whose references you have checked. This means that any potential burglers will be less likely to choose your property. They will believe it is occupied even if they have somehow found out that you are going to be away.

If you have any questions please contact me


An Apology

I have not been keeping this blog updated for many months and I apologise!

Christian House Sitters has grown and it has been exciting to see new sitters and houses from all over the world. Many hundreds of people have benefitted from this ministry and I really should have made the time to keep the world informed through this blog.

I am therefore planning to resume these blogs on a regular basis. Hopefully once a week.

Since my last posting the way Christian House Sitters is run has undergone a dramatic change. The site now donates ALL income. Yes that is correct not all profits but all income received to help feed and look after children at the Home of Peace Children’s Home in Kenya. You can read about this by visiting where the project is outlined clearly. Naturally if you have any questions we will happily answer them.

So if all our income goes to these needy children who pays for the site, my time etc. That is donated by Marilyn and myself as part of our way of serving God.

To briefly remind you how Christian House Sitters works

This is the time of year when people are no doubt starting to plan their holidays. If any are interested in having a Christian look after their home and animals while they are on holiday I am sure we can help find the right person.

Our service will not cost them anything. It is FREE to house owners.

Home Owners who want to take a holiday and need someone to look after their home and or pets can register as House Owners and then enjoy their time away knowing that their home and animals are well cared for by another Christian without having to pay house carers or pet carer fees. As I said this will not cost them anything as it is FREE to home owners.

Christians who need a break can also register as House Sitters and enjoy a rent-free holiday while house sitting in different countries around the world with no accommodation costs. With the present world financial problems this can provide a much needed rent-free holiday.

Full details can be found on our web site at

Please can you make this service known to your family, friends and through your church.

God bless you,
Ray White