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The Eye of the Storm

the eye of the stormThe Eye of the Storm

Those few days between Christmas and New Year feel a bit like the ‘eye of the storm’ The build up to Christmas is always frantic. So much to do, so much to remember and it all seems so far away until suddenly it is here and hardly anyone is ready.

Then the next build-up begins as we prepare for New Year. More parties for many people. More visits and visitors. More rushing around.

But between these 2 big events we do have a few days to catch our breath. Enjoy them! Try to relax a bit and enjoy the blessings of the Christmas week before you get caught up in plans for next Wednesday.

With Christian House Sitters the build-up to Christmas is always interesting. People contact us at the very last moment hoping to find a house sitter or a house to sit.

1 minute to midnightThe prize for 2013 goes to a new home owner who first contacted me on the 24th of December hoping we could find her a sitter to start on Christmas Day. I had my doubts but sent out the notice to our members and w got someone to look after her house and pets for 2 weeks starting Boxing Day. Both the owner and the Sitter were delighted. I was astounded.

Please, if you are interested in asking us to find you a sitter who will look after your home and pets free of charge do not leave it to the last-minute. God does provide in emergencies but if you know when you are going to be away let me have the details as far in advance as possible. After all it is a free service so you have nothing to lose and it really does ease the pressure and make the likelihood of finding the right person much greater.

Likewise if you are wanting a rent-free vacation during 2014 register as soon as you can so that you can have a choice of suitable houses. We have places available all over the world.

The other Christmas pressure we felt was because, as you all hopefully know, Christian House Sitters gives 100% of our income to run a Christian Children’s Home in Kenya. Every Christmas we like to give the children an added blessing by buying them each an item of clothing, providing a special Christmas meal and party and we also like to bless the hard-working staff who earn the princely sum of about £12 per month. So in December we ask our members to prayerfully consider making a donation towards this. Praise God, as always He provided.

My next blog post in a few days time will show pictures of the children in their new clothes, enjoying their meal, playing games and going to church.

If you would like to know more about the work in Kenya contact me or CLICK HERE and if you want to know more about Christian House Sitters then either contact me or CLICK HERE.

God bless you




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Can you Help?

Can you help us??Hand in a hand

As Christmas is only three weeks away we are making our annual Christmas appeal for the Home of Peace Children’s Home that Christian House Sitters supports.

We are asking if people could prayerfully consider giving at least £5 or £10 towards this work so that the children can each get an item of clothing and they can share a special Christmas meal.

At the moment we have 77 children and eight staff members at the home.

If you want to know more about this ministry please read the excellent report put out recently by Assist News. To read a copy CLICK HERE

The easiest way to make a donation would be via PayPal and you can do that using the donate button at the bottom of the web page. CLICK HERE.

Alternatively if you prefer to send a cheque or make a direct bank transfer please let us know and we will be happy to let you have the details.

Thank you,

God bless you,



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