Warning. This post is Different!

Warning. This blog post is very different to what I usually post. Hopefully nothing to Running Awayoffend anyone but be warned it may challenge you and it could save lives.  If you are not willing to be challenged it may be wise to stop reading now.

I was looking through some news reports on household income for people living in the UK and in the USA and was surprised to find that they are virtually the same. According to a report by the BBC the average British income for a couple is £40,000 per year and according to Finance My Money the US equivalent average income is $60,000 which converts at todays rate to £39,000. So really not a lot of difference.

 Taking the UK figure because it is easier to work with the £40,000 pa works out at £3333 per month and while to some that may sound a lot it is low enough for the BBC to ask Is £40,000 really a livable income for families in the UK?

Yes I do understand statistics and I fully appreciate that an average income means many will earn less but equally many earn more. Some significantly more. I know for a fact that this average amount is more than my family income! Dare I say considerably more. And yet we manage to live a happy and fulfilling life so in my opinion the answer to the BBC question is yes it is enough.

Now let us look a little further afield. As regular readers of this blog will know Christian House Sitters has a duel ministry.

We help Christians all over the world to enjoy rent free vacations and we support a Children’s Home in Kenya.

In order to support this we give 100% of all income that is earned by Christian House Sitters to the home.

We also ask people to sponsor a child and to consider giving a gifts. Finally we hold the occasional fund-raising event.

As a result we are able to send out about £1,000 a month to support the home. This money needs to provide food, clothing, accommodation, schooling, school uniforms, medical expenses etc for just over 80 vulnerable children and 10 members of staff.

It is simply not enough! It works out at around £11 per month per person. The BBC questioned if £3333 per month is enough for a couple with 2 children. That is £833 per person. We are trying to save children’s lives on £11 per month.

Yes I do know that the cost of living is far higher in the UK and the USA but hopefully this will help you to understand why we need to appeal for more sponsors.

Please can I ask you to give this some serious consideration. Mention it to your friends, family and church. We have set the sponsorship at £16 per month but if you can’t afford that anything you can manage will help us to save lives.

If you want any more information please feel free to contact me.

You can read more about Christian House Sitters and how you can save money by having rent-free vacations by going to our website CLICK HERE

You can read more about the Children’s Home by seeing the Kenya page CLICK HERE.

From the Kenya page you can also easily and safely arrange a donation or a sponsorship.

God bless you,