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We are continuing our periodic series of blog articles by published Christian authors with suggestions for books that you may enjoy reading and be blessed by on your vacation.

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Today we feature Christine Smith

Christine Middleton Smith is British. She is the daughter of a minister and played a major part in her parents’ ministry. She married Chris, a minister’s son, who also played a major part in his parents’ ministry. Chris is a Minister, a Bible college lecturer, missionary, and itinerant preacher in UK, USA, Romania, Spain.

In the 1960s, Chris and Christine toured the UK as ‘Kris and Kristine’ – The Sunshine Evangelists’ Christine was a children’s evangelist during this period.

In 1970, They were called in a dramatic and unique way, to take the gospel to Spanish gypsies living in caves in a remote and unknown mountainous part of Southern Spain. It was during the cruel rule of General Franco. They were surprised on their arrival to discover that they were the very first missionaries to arrive in the area and were confronted with danger from the system.

 Books by Christine Smith

Be prepared to be engrossed from start to finish, by a truly inspiring and unique story, and one that touches every emotion. 

This fascinating and unusual story, is set in Spain’s poverty-stricken deep South, during the cruel rule of General Franco. The author and her husband, along with their two young children, gave up everything in UK, to evangelise the Gypsies living in the remote caves of Almeria, Spain. Their denomination had been unable to back them due to financial constraints. Although confused, after having received such a dramatic calling, they felt it was some spiritual test, to see if they would have gone had it been possible. However, some time later, they were both inspired at separate times, on reading Hebrews chapter 11, and took a giant leap of faith. Unknown to them, they would be the first missionaries to arrive in the area, and were confronted with danger and extreme opposition.

In an unwelcoming, bug-ridden, lonely wilderness, Christine realised she had not only left behind her home, country, and family, but also the many Christian contacts and resources for spiritual stimulation and growth. All she had, was her Bible. A painful journey lay head, of  learning how to walk alone with God, and learning how to walk by faith. She also discovered that the very basic utilities she had taken for granted back home, would be absolute luxuries, in a place where a drop of water was as precious as gold! 

If you want to laugh, cry, or need an uplift; if you want to boost your faith, or would like to measure your faith in a most enthralling way; or if you have any interest in Spain, this book is for you.

Christine’s has been asked time and again over many years to have her journals published, but has always declined.  However, compelled by this Scripture, she went ahead, in the hope that her story would be of help to others, “God who comforts us in trial, so that we may be able to comfort others” ( 2 Corinthians 1:4).

Christine has taken her unique experiences from her journals, and written them into a captivating page-turner. Readers comment how they read this book time and again.

Her personal journey of faith, has encouraged others to find added strength to get through their own particular challenge. 

Eighteen Chapters in all

Chapters include:

It Could Take Faith… to walk all alone!

It Could Take Faith…  to resign to the unexpected.

It Could Take Faith… to be a helpmate.

It Could Take Faith… to keep quiet!

It could Take Faith… to be brave.

It Could Take  Faith… to lose a good reputation.

It Could Take Faith… to enjoy!

It Could Take Faith… to suffer with those who suffer.

It Could Take Faith… to wait!

Copyright. Living Devotions UK. 2012. Pb. 259p.ISBN 9780956908896. 

By the same Author:

Daughters Under Trial’

If you are a daughter of the heavenly Father, you need this book. Christine has written twenty-eight, distinct inspiring devotional messages, addressing the trials that challenge our faith.

If you are looking for fresh insights into God’s word, or a new and different type of devotional; or how your life can be transformed for the better, you will be enthralled with ‘Daughters Under Trial’

Copyright Living Devotions. UK. 2012. Pb. 181p. ISBN 9780956908827. UK:

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