A Challenge to David Beckham

David BeckhamIf anyone reading this knows David Beckham please can you pass it on to him as I would really value his opinion. I feel certain that he will see things somewhat differently to me and if he replies I promise to post his response.

I almost said that the Beckham family have been in the news recently but that would be a silly comment as they are in the news all the time. The most recent article I have seen talked about the fact the he and his family are on holiday (vacation) in the Maldives and things are not going very well.  The Daily Mail newspaper puts it like this “Are the Beckhams having a holiday from hell? Body washes up on Maldives beach followed by huge explosion at resort where they are staying” (See article)

This follows last years Christmas holiday (vacation) also to the Maldives where according to the Metro newspaper “David and Victoria Beckham cut short £250,000 ($414,000) family holiday in Maldives after constant rain” (See article)

So two consecutive family Christmas breaks, both a disaster and between them costing half a million British pounds ($828,000)

Now I am sure the Beckham’s are very nice people but it feels to me that they have lost touch with the real world. They do know that there are people suffering. At the end of November we were treated to newspaper headlines trumpeting the fact that they were giving unwanted second-hand clothes to the Red Cross to be sold to help victims of  Typhoon Haiyan which devastated parts of the Philippines.

Note unwanted and second-hand clothes.Tea Bag

This reminds me of the old tale of the very wealthy miser who saved and dried out his used tea bags to send them to a missionary. After all they had only been used once.

David and Victoria do you have any concept of what good your money could do?

The amount that you spent on just 1 day of your disastrous vacation would Child at Home of Peacehave been enough for us to complete all the buildings needed at the Home of Peace Children’s Home in Kenya. That means 80 children would have a far better life for the amount you apparently wasted on every day of your vacation.

I want to respect David Beckham. He is/was a great sportsman and became a role model to many youngsters. In fact I believe many still try to model their lives on him. But sadly, in my personal opinion, he is setting the wrong example.

Yes he and his family are entitled to enjoy their wealth. But how can they be happy knowing how many people could have their entire future changed without any real sacrifice on their part?

I am not against vacations!  We run a ministry to help Christians all over the world have a vacation that they could not otherwise have afforded.

Many of our members have worked as hard as, if not harder than, the Beckhams but did so for God not for money.

We have helped missionaries, ministers, ordinary one and two parent families, young people and older folk. Through our services they can enjoy a rent-free vacation in lovely homes all around the world. You can read about this if you CLICK HERE.

All the income from this ministry goes to Home of Peace to provide those needy children with food, clothing, accommodation, shelter, education and medical care. For details CLICK HERE

I do not believe that the Beckham family should be thinking of using our service but I do feel that the next time they are tempted to spend hundreds of thousands they should pause and ask if some of that money could be put to better use.

God bless you


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5 Tips to Save You Money on Your Next Vacation

Here are my tips to save you money on your next vacation.

1. Book as soon as possible

Jumping Alarm Clock
Time Flies

I was reading an article a few minutes ago that reminded us that to get the very best bargain on your next vacation you should be booking now.  It says Summer might seem a long way off but having sun, sea and sand to look forward to could just take the edge of the harsh winter months. While last-minute deals often prove to be a bargain, booking early for summer 2013 could save you a bundle.(See full article by Clicking here

2.Do not pay for a hotel room.House / Hotel

Stay rent-free in a lovely house instead. Register with Christian House Sitters so that you can benefit from having your accommodation rent-free. We have members all over the world so this may mean you can get to visit that country you have often dreamed of seeing but could not afford. Full details click here

3. Do not fork out a fortune for kennels, cattery or pet sitters.

Dog and Cat playingThis is available free of charge. Tell Christian House Sitters your dates and we will try and arrange for someone to come and look after your home and pets free of charge. This keeps your home safe.and it will save you a lot of money on pet care. Full details click here

4. Do not go where the Beckhams are going.

I could not find a royalty free image of David Beckham

I see that David Beckham is taking his wife, Victoria, and their 4 children on an 11 day vacation. So what? I hear you ask. Well the thing that caught my attention was the price. According to the report (click here to read it in full) these 11 days are going to cost him a quarter of a million pounds. Yes that is right it is costing £250,000 or in American money $403,000.Frankly to me that feels wrong. Yes he has  the money but to spend that amount for 11 days when there are so many who can’t even afford a meal or anywhere to live shows a real lack of compassion. The amount he is spending for half a day could rebuild our entire children’s home, equip it with better dormitories, a new kitchen a dining room. new equipment and have enough left over to cover the cost of education and food for our 80 children for a long time. Details of children’s home click here)

Man on soap box

OK Get off your soap box Ray!

Sorry but I just needed to get that off my chest.

5. Save on food. Chef

Eating in a fancy restaurant is lovely and I am sure it will be a part of your vacation but there is no need to eat out every day. If you are staying in a rent-free house through Christian House Sitters you will have a fully equipped kitchen and so you can prepare quick, tasty and easy meals at a fraction of the restaurant prices and then use some of the money you saved to have a few really special meals at a local restaurant.

God bless you,



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