10% of workers take no holidays

Before I ‘retired’ and we started Christian House Sitters I was very involved in Stress Management. You can read about it on our website.

I therefore thought it may be helpful to include a few interesting articles on stress in this blog.
If you are suffering from severe stress please get professional help.

10% of workers take no holidays – stress survey

One in five workers did not take all their holiday leave last year in a sign of the increasing stress levels of British employees.

Research by online travel firm Opodo found that one in 10 worked all year without taking any time off.

Almost two out of three people never taking a proper lunch break and some spend all weekend thinking about work.

Opodo has launched a campaign to allow workers to clock off early on Fridays.

Nine out of 10 of those questioned said they felt stressed from work and half regularly worked unpaid overtime.

Stress expert Professor Cary Cooper, said: “Employers have seriously got their head in the sand if they don’t take immediate action.

“People simply aren’t going to be productive if they don’t get a long enough break and are so stressed that when they do they still can’t switch off.”

Story filed: Thursday 10th July 2002 ANANOVA

Remember if you are in need of a holiday we may be able to help. Through Christian House Sitters we can help you find rent-free accommodation all around the world.

We can also help find someone suitable to look after your home and pets while you are away. This will not cost you anything.

For more information please look at our website www.Christian-housesitters.com


Help for Christian families

Help for Christian families during recession

We all know that the world is going through a period of serious international financial crisis.  As a result of the financial problems naturally many people are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a holiday.

We all love a holiday but it can be a nightmare. There is the expense, the concern about your house while you are away, worries about your animals finding suitable accommodation at the destination of your choice.

This is a problem as research has clearly shown that during times of severe stress holidays can be more important than ever and can help prevent many stress related health problems.

Christian House Sitters can help you overcome many of these problems giving you a better holiday with rent- free accommodation and offering peace of mind. Whilst at the same time you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are also helping other Christians and supporting a Christian Children’s Home in Kenya. As a house sitter your  only holiday expense will be the actual cost of travelling to and from the destination and your food.

If you are worried about leaving your home empty and therefore vulnerable or are concerned about what to do about your pets while you are away we can also help. By registering as a Home Owner (It is Free)  You benefit from being able to leave your home and animals in the care of a Christian who you have confidence will love the animals and care for you property honestly. You will also know that you are helping another Christian to have a holiday. You have the added security of being able to ask prospective House Sitters for a reference from their Church leaders. You can go away without having to worry about your home and animals.

So it is a win-win situation where both parties save a great deal of money and can therefore benefit form a much needed break that they may otherwise have been unable to afford.

This service has already helped many people from around the world and it is expected that as the credit crunch bites many more will benefit from this facility.

So if you feel the need to have a break but are having to watch that bank balance very carefully we may be able to help you have a far better holiday than you thought possible.

God bless you,



An Apology

I have not been keeping this blog updated for many months and I apologise!

Christian House Sitters has grown and it has been exciting to see new sitters and houses from all over the world. Many hundreds of people have benefitted from this ministry and I really should have made the time to keep the world informed through this blog.

I am therefore planning to resume these blogs on a regular basis. Hopefully once a week.

Since my last posting the way Christian House Sitters is run has undergone a dramatic change. The site now donates ALL income. Yes that is correct not all profits but all income received to help feed and look after children at the Home of Peace Children’s Home in Kenya. You can read about this by visiting http://www.christian-housesitters.com/kenya.htm where the project is outlined clearly. Naturally if you have any questions we will happily answer them.

So if all our income goes to these needy children who pays for the site, my time etc. That is donated by Marilyn and myself as part of our way of serving God.

To briefly remind you how Christian House Sitters works

This is the time of year when people are no doubt starting to plan their holidays. If any are interested in having a Christian look after their home and animals while they are on holiday I am sure we can help find the right person.

Our service will not cost them anything. It is FREE to house owners.

Home Owners who want to take a holiday and need someone to look after their home and or pets can register as House Owners and then enjoy their time away knowing that their home and animals are well cared for by another Christian without having to pay house carers or pet carer fees. As I said this will not cost them anything as it is FREE to home owners.

Christians who need a break can also register as House Sitters and enjoy a rent-free holiday while house sitting in different countries around the world with no accommodation costs. With the present world financial problems this can provide a much needed rent-free holiday.

Full details can be found on our web site at http://www.Christian-Housesitters.com

Please can you make this service known to your family, friends and through your church.

God bless you,
Ray White

On Holiday in Scotland


This blog entry is being written with a distinctly Scottish accent. Although to be honest you may not notice it when you read.

Why Scottish?  Well Marilyn and I are on a farm in Dalton near Lockerbie in Scotland. We arrived here yesterday and will be here for another 9 days. We are House Sitting for a lovely family who needed a holiday. They joined Christian House Sitters and listed their house a couple of months ago but for some very odd reason nobody wanted it. I can only assume that folk thought Scotland would be cold in October. They were wrong!

Because these people really needed a holiday Marilyn and I felt God wanted us to do the house sit for them if nobody else offered.

So here we are. As I look out the window I see farm fields with cows grazing. In the other direction there are fields with sheep and horses. Surrounding us is some absolutely beautiful scenery.

It really feels as if we are on holiday.

Do we have a lot of work to do here? No not much. They have 2 delightful and very loving boxer dogs who go for a short walk. Short because both dogs are getting old so can’t go too far. In addition there are 3 beautiful, friendly cats, a hampster and 2 chickens. We could easily do all our work in an hour leaving the rest of the time free to relax, see the area and have a country holiday.

There are so many other fabulous holidays available on the Christian House Sitters web site. Come and look around. You may find your ideal holiday rent free. Some do not even have any pets to look after.