Calling American Christians

Need your help

I have a problem that can only be solved with the assistance of Christians in the USA.

Are you one?

Please will you help?

Let me explain the problem.

As you know I run a ministry called Christian House Sitters offering rent free vacations to Christians all over the world.

We also offer Christian Home Owners the chance to go away on their vacation knowing that their home and pets are being looked after free of charge by a reliable Christian. The ministry has blessed many hundreds of people from all over the world. And yes it is a ministry we do not make any money from this. In fact it costs me personally money to keep it running. All income goes to support homeless children in a Christian Children’s Home in Kenya.(Full details on our website)

So what is my problem?

Although the USA is the largest English speaking country on earth we have far fewer members there than in virtually any other English speaking nation. In fact we even have more members in countries where English is not the native language. Our ministry has been featured in the American secular and Christian press with glowing reports.

We have written to hundreds of churches telling them about what we offer. But America is still losing out and so are people who would love a vacation in the USA.

How can you help?Can you help?

Please can you help make this ministry known in your circle.

Tell your family and friends.

Share it with your church.

If you want ideas just let me know.

You can read most of the information on the website CLICK HERE. While there be sure to read the About Us page, and the page called House Sitting Explained.

Your help would be a real blessing

Thank you,




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Open Letter to Church Leaders

This is an Open Letter to all church leaders.

Please pass it onIf you are not one of the leaders please pass it on to the appropriate person. Please also pass it on to anyone you know in other churches who may be willing to make this known to their church.

This is the time of year when members of your congregation are no doubt starting to plan their vacations. If any of your congregation are interested in having a Christian look after their home and animals while they are on vacation I am sure we can help find the right person.

This is a MINISTRY not a business. Our service will not cost them anything. It is free to house owners.

Home Owners who want to take a vacation and need someone to look after their home and or pets can register and then enjoy their time away knowing that their home and animals are well cared for by another Christian without having to pay house carers or pet carer fees. As I said this will not cost them anything as it is FREE to home owners.

Christians who need a break can also register as House Sitters and enjoy a rent-free vacation while house sitting in different countries around the world with no accommodation costs. With the present world financial problems this can provide a much-needed rent-free vacation.

As I mentioned  we are NOT a business but a Ministry. 100% of all income goes to support a Christian Children’s Home in Kenya. Full details are included on our website. CLICK HERE

News Flash

You can read media reports on our ministry under the Media Coverage tab on our website. This includes reports in:


Please can you make this service known to your congregation.   Our full details are listed on the About Us page of our website. These include our physical address and telephone number.

God bless you,

Ray White

Christian House Sitters



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