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Catch 22, Vacations and House Sitting.

Catch 22Wikipedia says that Catch-22 is a satirical, historical novel by the American author Joseph Heller, first published in 1961. The novel, set during World War II in 1943, is frequently cited as one of the great literary works of the twentieth century.

As you read the novel you discover that Catch 22 refers to an impossible choice. Whatever you decide will be the wrong decision.

So what on earth has that to do with Vacations or House Sitting?

Be patient all will soon be revealed.

Living in England I don’t often get to read the L A Times but I was very interested when  a friend sent me a copy of an article they published today under the headline

Memo to U.S. workers: Take a break

Allow me to quote some selected paragraphs. (Full article can be found at )

Americans ….. gripe about how they don’t get enough vacation time. For once, our whining is justified. Each year we work more and enjoy fewer vacation days than most other industrialized nations.

Indeed, you’d think that vacations are something all Americans could get behind. They’re pro-family, they’re good for our health (those who take regular vacations are less likely to die of heart disease, according the famous Framingham Heart Study and others) and, studies have found, they increase worker productivity and creativity.

If companies are serious about keeping their employees fresh, they should require workers either to use their allotted vacation time or face a financial penalty. This is not as absurd as it seems. After all, companies require that employees show up at a certain time, and meet certain productivity goals. Why not require that they recharge their batteries? That would not be an act of charity, but a smart business move. A rested worker is a more productive worker

I was astounded to read that Americans enjoy fewer vacation days than most other industrialized nations. That is wrong!

There should naturally be a balance  and the quote in the article from President Taft seems, in my opinion, to go too far in the opposite direction. I quote

In 1910, President Taft, no bleeding-heart liberal by any means, suggested that all workers get two to three months’ vacation each year. “The American people have found out that there is such a thing as exhausting the capital of one’s health and constitution.”

President Taft went too far but he was right that working without sufficient time to relax and recharge can cause serious physical and emotional problems.

This leads to a Catch 22 situation.

You know you need a vacation but you feel unable to afford one. So you work harder to make ends meet and because you did not have that much-needed break your health suffers, you become less efficient and as a result need the break even more but now have less money to spend.

The impossible choice. Do I take a vacation and get into financial difficulty or do I keep working and risk my health and my family?

We would like to help you enjoy a good vacation and at the same time save money.

Christian House Sitters is a worldwide ministry that exists to help you in this sort of situation. By registering as a Home Owner (It is Free) you benefit from being able to leave your home and animals in the care of a Christian who you have confidence will love the animals and care for you property honestly. You have the added security of being able to ask prospective House Sitters for a reference from their Church leaders. As a result you can go away without having to worry about your home and animals.

You can also save the cost of renting vacation accommodation by registering as a House Sitter. That will give you access to rent-free accommodation all over the world.

Our service has already helped many people from around the world . Let us help you.

Contact us, you have nothing to lose and we may well be able to help you have a far better vacation than you thought possible without some of those expenses.

God bless you,



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