I was greatly encouraged.

Running Christian House Sitters can sometimes feel like a lot of work. I monitor the site for an average of 11 hours a day 7 days a week. No that does not mean I am at the computer all that time doing nothing else but I keep an eye on the site and have a system that alerts me to any incoming emails or requests.

It is however well worth it when we receive an email like the following one that arrived this afternoon.
Through the screen

Dear Ray

Just to say a huge thank you for your wonderful Christian House Sitters.

I am so grateful for (name removed to protect privacy) who stayed with us for two weeks June/July. What can I say about them? truly God sent, my cat and I have been truly, utterly blessed by their stay in our home.

It was our first experience with CHS and quite honestly can’t tell you how wonderfully everything worked out. ___ and ___ are perfect ’sitters’, and well, I guess before they even arrived lovely ___ seemed like a friend. We had emailed lots and spoken on the ‘phone.

When they arrived on our doorstep I ‘knew’ them instantly. Everything would be just fine. I had complete and utter confidence in them. And they spoke ‘cat’ fluently!

It made such a difference to my holiday knowing that my precious cat was being not only looked after but loved. I could relax totally trusting in my beautiful brother and sister in Christ being in our home.

And my cat’s report? well she loved them! She has been missing them very much, even sleeping on a little backpack they left for her.

And us? we have two beautiful friends forever. We will meet again. Thank you Ray and thank you Lord!

With every blessing to you



We would like to serve you as well

We can help you enjoy a Rent Free Vacation and we can help find someone to look after your home and pets while you are away. Free of charge.

Share this opportunity with your friends, your family, your church and be a blessing to them. Full details on our website www.Christian-housesitters.com

God bless you,


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TLC Children’s Trust

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Email from a Cat

cat typingI love animals, always have done so when I received an email that claimed to have been written by a cat I was naturally fascinated.

The email was sent to Christian House Sitters as a thank you from a cat whose ‘owners’ had been away on vacation.


Here is what the cat wrote:



My name is Calypso and I wanted to say a big thank you to Christian House Sitters for the way that you have improved my life.

I have staff (they mistakenly think that they own me but actually they just work for me) and from time to time they have a habit of deserting me. They say that they are going on their annual vacation and I see them excitedly packing their suitcases and getting ready. They look really happy but I have learned that it is bad news. It means I am going to be dumped at the cattery for 2 weeks. Now don’t get me wrong it is a very good cattery and they seem to try their very best but I ask you, do I look like someone who should be locked away in prison?

I have tried to explain this to my staff. I have even tried pulling stuff out the suitcase when they are packing but to no avail.

Once I decided to climb into the  case and join them on their vacation in order to find out what it is all about but I was discovered and ended up in the cattery again. But this year it all changed! I saw them packing and I felt really depressed but instead of taking me to prison they had arranged for substitute staff to take their place. They called then House Sitters. They were great. Gave me the attention I deserve, fed me my normal food, in the normal place and at the normal time and I had a great time.

Vacation is no longer a word that brings dread to my heart. Thanks for sending the House Sitters. I am telling all the other cats in the street to share the good news with their staff.

Yours thankfully,

Calypso the Cat

If your cat is trying to tell you something it might be saying that you should click on this link Christian House Sitters