Vacation Embarrassment

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last blog post featuring pictures of recent houses on the Christian House Sitters website.

I felt it was time for a smile and as I was wondering what to write about one of our members sent me the following story. I have no idea where it originally comes from so if it is yours and copyright please accept my apology and let me know so I can remove it.


A few years back I went on vacation with the family. We were in a very very small travel trailer that looked something like the one that Goofy pulls behind his car in the DiGoofy & Micky on Vacationsney cartoon.

Anyway, it was late and I was tired of driving, I happened to see a large parking lot that was vacant and decided to pull in and set up camp for the night.

It was a Saturday night and I figured that what ever parking lot and building this was, no one would be using it on  Sunday morning. So, I parked and unhooked the trailer and set up camp. By morning I had all the camping gadgets set up, gas grill, lawn chairs, trash can ect.

However, at about 10.30am, a line of cars started to poor into the parking lot and people dressed up in tuxedos and long dresses began to get out and walk right next to my camp and enter the front door of the building that I was parked right in front of.

Out of all the times and all the places, I happened to set up camp in front of the main entrance for a high school graduation!   Hiding face


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Please keep sending me your vacation stories.

God bless you



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Do you find a summer vacation too expensive?

As I was browsing the internet today I saw an article about the financial pressure faced by parents in Canada as their children begin a 60 day school break, The article was by Kim Fox  and can be seen in full at

Here is an extract:

Today Canadian kids are celebrating the start of more than 60 days of freedom with the last day of school. But  parents may not be as eager for the two-month break. They can feel  pressured to fill their children’s days with activities to keep them engaged and learning.

Summer activity costs can quickly add up. A week at overnight camp is about $700, while a day camp  checks in at around $300. Sports teams fees, music lessons, tutoring sessions and family vacations can break a well-meaning parent’s budget.

Wow $700 for a week and the children have 8 weeks and most families have more than 1 child. It is hardly surprising that with these costs some families feel they can’t also afford to take a family vacation.

But we all know how vital it is for a family to be able to take a break and spend time together. These are the times that build family unity and create memories that will last for the rest of your children’s lives.

If you have found yourself in this difficult position please remember that Christian House Sitters can help you to enjoy that much needed vacation by helping you get rent-free accommodation all over the world we can also help by  having someone reliable look after your home and pets free of charge while you are away.

Pop over to our site and have a look or contact us if you have any questions. Remember Christian House Sitters is not a business we are a ministry

God bless you,