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“Nothing ruins a vacation like coming home to a burglary …… police say home burglaries are among the most frequently committed crimes — and also among the most preventable.”

Burglar entering house

Most are committed by opportunists who see an open window, a faulty lock or a house that looks like no one’s been around for a while – whether because of an accumulation of newspapers, unkempt lawns or because you posted on Facebook that you’re spending the summer away from home.

Should that stop you taking the much-needed vacation?


Go away and have a wonderful time. Recharge your batteries. See new places. Relax and have fun but take sensible precautions.Happy

One easy solution that will not cost you anything is to register as a Home Owner with Christian House Sitters and arrange for one of our sitters to stay in your home while you are away.

That will discourage the potential opportunistic thief and will also mean your plants get watered,, your pets get looked after in their own home and you can relax knowing everything is safe and secure

You can find full details at our website

We are not a business but a Christian ministry with members all over the world

Be safe not sorry.


Coming back from a lovely holiday only to find that your home has been broken into must be awful.

I was chatting to a friend recently who had this experience many years ago and he said that for about the next 6 years his wife refused to go on a holiday.

An article appeared in the Shropshire Star on Saturday with some excellent advice from their local police force. ( )

I will quote just a short section:

If you’re going away – whether overnight or on a longer holiday – you should also ask yourself if your home looks lived in.

Let a neighbour or friend know that you’re going away and arrange for them to check on your house to collect mail, open/close curtains, park on your drive, etc.

Use timer switches to turn lights on during the evenings and also remember to cancel any milk and newspaper deliveries.

Yes indeed that is really good advice as sadly there are people who watch for empty houses. They know the holiday period offers easy pickings and they are more than willing to take advantage of your absence to line their own pockets.

Do remember that there is an even safer way of protecting your home while you are away.

How? By having someone reliable living there. That way the home is not left empty and the burglars will move on to easier options.

Through Christian House Sitters we can help you find someone suitable and remember it will not cost you anything!

Have a look at our website or contact me for more information.

God bless you,


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