God at work ‘ behind the scene’

Coincidence. I think not

I love hearing stories of how God works ‘behind the scene’

 Recently a new couple joined Christian House Sitters and asked us to help them find someone to look after their rather lovely home.

Great that is what we are here for. But it was very short notice. They needed a suitable sitter very soon as they were booked to go away on vacation.

 When they contacted me they sent an additional note explaining the short notice. It said;
“It is last minute so we appreciate that it may not be possible to find someone at short notice.
My daughter was going to look after the house and pets but her sister is now coming back from New Zealand and so they both want to join us on vacation.
Our postman (name removed) who knows us and our dog told me about your site as his sister (name removed) uses your service It was a God- incidence conversation!”

 God moves in mysterious ways.

 One of our members told her brother about Christian House Sitters
The brother happens to be the postman serving a family who need a sitter.
They happen to get into conversation.
The postman remembers what his sister said and tells them
Praise God.Romans 11:25-36

If you are needing someone to look after your home and pets or if you are interested in a rent-free vacation don’t wait to be told by your postman have a look at our website www.christian-housesitters.com

God bless you,



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Something Very Different

Cat bites dog
I wanted something different. This seems to fit the description

This is the most unusual blog post that I have ever written. I’m only writing it because I feel that God has told me to do so and over the years I have learnt to be obedient to this type of strong inner prompting.

A little while ago at our church we had a series on the Upside Down Kingdom looking at how the Christian perspective is often so very different to the stance taken by everyone else. As I write this blog I feel that I am indeed living in an Upside Down Kingdom.

As regular readers will know I spend most of my spare time trying to help people find accommodation for their vacations or to help them find someone to look after their home and their pets whilst they are away.  This is done through Christian House Sitters and God has allowed us to help hundreds of Christians from all over the world. Some of our members have even jokingly referred to me as Dr House Finder.

What I need right now though is for someone to help me find a house.

Because Marilyn I have spent most of our life in Christian work in one form or another we do not have the sort of bank balance that people expect a psychologist to have when he retires. As result we live in rented accommodation. That is not a problem to us because we recognise that wherever we live it is only temporary as our true home is waiting for us and we will be in it rejoicing for all of eternity.

The house that we are staying in at the moment is lovely but the owner needs to sell the house and as result has had to put it on the market. From next week and we will have potential buyers trooping in and out and we’ve had to agree to move out once a sale has been arranged.

With the way the British property market works we would expect to have around 6 to 8 weeks notice once the sale has been finalised.

Naturally we could move out sooner but we could not stay on longer.

This means that we are going to need a new home to stay in and we have no idea where that house is going to be. We are completely open to God and willing to move anywhere as long as he shows us that is where he wants us.

Our needs are really quite simple. House in a TreeWe need a small two bedroom house but, and this is essential, it must be in a quiet place because since Marilyn has suffered her health problems she is hypersensitive to noise and living on a busy road or in the middle of a town or in an apartment block would really be a major problem for her.

Deep in my heart I know that God has the perfect place for us and I have no doubt that he will show us where it is and open the door at the appropriate time.

I was praying about this earlier on today and I felt God saying that I needed to put all this information into my blog. I don’t know why? It might be because God wants to use one of you to point us in the right direction or it may simply be that he wants me to be able to write another blog post later on in which I can tell how He provided and give Him the glory.

I would really appreciate your prayers and if you know of anyone who has somewhere suitable at a very reasonable rent and in, as I said, a quiet location, please let me know.

Two crazy ideas that I have had which again I felt I should share.

There may be a small church somewhere that is struggling because they can’t afford to employ a full-time pastor but they may have a church house and they may be willing to allow us to stay in the house and in return I could undertake pastoral duties. This is something that we would be very open to considering.

The second crazy thought I had was that there may be some Christian who is looking to invest in property and would be delighted to know that they could have an honest, reliable long-term Christian tenant who would look after the home as if it was their own and by paying rent would be contributing significantly towards the cost of the purchase.

As I said these are crazy ideas but we have a God who specialises in doing things that we as humans think are impossible.

In our lounge we have a placard which says With God Nothing is Impossible. I believe that to be true.

God bless you,


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