Role Models and Vacations

2 Pastors discuss vacations

I was sent the above a few days ago and it appealed to my rather odd sence of humour.

Sadly it contains more than a grain of truth. I have met many Christians who feel that they need to work 7 days a week and 365 days a year. They have the very best intentions. They want to serve God and do not want to waste time BUT I have to ask myself if, in the long run, they are actually very effective or indeed if they are really living  in God’s will.

God clearly told us that He rested on the 7th day. I have real difficulty in thinking that God was tired. He rested and by doing that showed that we too need to take a day each week to re-charge our batteries.

Psychological and medical research has clearly demonstrated that people who do not take a regular vacation are prone to more illnesses and are less efficient at work.

If you are interested here are links to just two such articles.

Relax! Vacations Are Good For Your

Health Take Back Vacation

One reason many people do not take a vacation is the cost. But remember Christian House Sitters can help make a dramatic reduction in the cost of your next vacation. We can help you find rent-free accommodation all over the world and we can arrange, if needed, for reliable Christians to look after your home and your pets while you are away again with no cost to you.

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The Stress Factor


For many years I worked in the field of Stress Management. Part of my work involved going into large international organizations and helping them to identify the causes of stress in their work force and then to help them reduce these factors.

Stress can cause so many problems. For a sample of articles on how it can affect things such as back pain, the effectiveness of vaccines, your immune system and even lead to fat around the waist have a look at this link. CLICK HERE

One frequent complaint was from people who felt they were expected to be doing loads of different things at the same time.   Trying to juggle too many balls at once. I clearly remember hearing many people complain “I can only be in one place at a time

Being able to take a real break and get away from it all is naturally a great help. But taking a vacation can itself create additional stresses. Even on vacation many people feel the need to be in two places at the same time. They are on vacation yet worried about their home, their pets and their belongings.

Someone recently told me that she used to ask a friend to ‘pop in and feed the cat, pick up the junk mail and make the place look lived in’ But she continued saying ‘ but I still worried. What if the cat became ill when nobody was around, what if the home was broken into at night, what if….‘ So she ended up like this picture. Trying to be both at home and relaxing on vacation.

This is where Christian House Sitters can be such a blessing. We operate all over the world and can help you find a suitable Christian with good references from their home church who will move into your home while you are away. Look after your pets and look after your property. The place will look lived in because it will actually be lived in. And the best part is that it will not cost you anything!

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A Sign of Confusion

When my wife, Marilyn, was having medical tests before her recent surgery she needed an endoscopy.

As I sat in the waiting room I noticed this sign. It seemed a little discouraging to the patients but it got me thinking about odd and unhelpful signs.

For example would you really want to visit this Health Resort? Surely they could have found a better name.

I am sure that whoever designed this airport sign knew what they were trying to say. Pity the sign does not really help.

So we have confusing signs everywhere. Not all are the type that are painted and displayed. We have signs pointing to the popularity of politicians, signs relating to the state of the economy etc.

I am not an economist but from what I can understand most of the world is really bankrupt. Countries have massive debts and frankly no idea how these will ever be paid. The result is that prices keep going up and income either stays the same or is reduced. This creates tremendous pressure on families. It leaves many feeling rather like the following sign.

We know there is a right way to go but everybody is pointing us in different directions. This often happens as we think about a vacation. On the one side we know that we can’t afford it but on the other all the experts tell us that not having a good break will result in health problems. What do we do?

Christian House Sitters  (a ministry NOT a business) can help you!

If you are planning to go away we can arrange for someone to look after your house and your pets and it will not cost you anything. It is FREE.

If you would like to get away we have people all over the world who would be delighted to let you stay in their home RENT-FREE while they are on vacation and in return you will keep their home safe and care for their animals.

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How a vacation could save your marriage.

As a retired Psychologist I naturally have an interest in mental health issues. Because I  now run Christian House Sitters my interest is aroused when I see research that links mental stress and vacations.

I recently read a study carried out by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), that involved 1,500 women recruited from the Marshfield Epidemiological Study Area in central Wisconsin. Researchers compared psychological stress, quality of marital life and disruptive home life among women who take vacations frequently and those who do not.

(The NIOSH is the US federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and illness. It is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the Department of Health and Human Services )

In the study which NIOSH funded and which was carried out by researchers at the Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, Wisconsin and published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal it was clearly shown that women who take vacations frequently are less likely to become tense, depressed or tired and are more satisfied with their marriages.depressed

In fact it found that the odds of depression and tension were higher among women who took vacations only once in two years compared with women who took vacations twice or more per year. In addition, the odds of marital satisfaction decreased as the frequency of vacations decreased.

So once again it is clearly demonstrated that in order to function effectively we need a regular break. A vacation.

Great but I can hear people saying that they can’t afford to take a vacation. The cost would only increase their stress levels.

Christian House Sitters can help you achieve this without adding to your stress.

Christian House Sitters is a worldwide internet based ministry. Christians who want to take a vacation and need someone to look after their home and or pets can register as home owners.

Christians who need a break can register as house sitters.

We will put the two halves together.

This way we hope many Christians who could not afford a vacation will be enabled to take a break and see other countries.

The is NOT a business it is a Ministry and all income goes to support a Christian Children’s Home in Kenya.

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