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In my last blog post I mentioned that God had blessed the children at the Home of Peace Children’s Home in Kenya over Christmas.

I promised to post some pictures so near the end of this post you will find a short video made from photographs taken at Christmas. But first allow me to give you some background for those who do not know why we are involved.

My wife, Marilyn, and I run a ministry called Christian House Sitters. Through this we are able to offer rent-free vacations to Christians all over the world. We are also able to help people who are going on vacation and would like someone reliable to look after their home and pets while they are away. Again this is done free of charge.

Through this ministry we have been able to help hundreds or to be more accurate thousands of Christians to enjoy a much-needed vacation that they would otherwise have found hard to afford.

Our home owners do not pay anything to belong but our sitters pay a small fee (£25 a year) to join. For this they get access to the list of all available rent-free vacations during the year.

The money paid by sitters all (100% no deductions) goes to support Home of Peace.

Our Church first became involved with this ministry in 2004 when it was just a room with a few children sitting and sleeping on the floor.

In 2010 the church felt that they could not continue to support this work financially due to the many demands on the church finance.

After much prayer Marilyn agreed to take on the responsibility for all the finances and for the training of the staff.

We now have 80 children who would otherwise be living on the street, starving or stealing to stay alive. Marilyn is part of the management of the Home and is in contact with them a few times a week.  She knows where every penny is spent and exactly how the home is run.

Over the past 3 years we have been able to provide the Home with 2 toilet blocks (they used to use a field), we have built a nursery room, fenced the entire compound to protect the children, [provides beds, bedding and mosquito nets for the children, provided their food, clothing, school expenses (books, fees, uniforms etc) covered all medical expenses and given our staff a small monthly wage plus accommodation and food.

It is not easy! We often have to really pray for funds for food for the children. Over the next few weeks we again need to buy 80 school uniforms, pay school fees and buy books etc and we do not have the money.

Over the next few months we have been told by the local authorities that we need to erect another dormitory and build a proper kitchen. Again we do not have the money.

Our only income is from Christian House Sitters and from people who either sponsor a child or make a donation.

BUT we know God is in control! We believe He will provide as He has done every month for the past 3 years.

Please join us in prayer.


Also feel free to tell your friends, family and church about both Christian House Sitters and about the Home of Peace.

More details about Christian House Sitters. CLICK HERE

More details about Home of Peace. CLICK HERE

God bless you



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Why I am being given a free iPad

Next Wednesday (13th Nov) the British Government have promised to provide me with an iPad free of charge. iPad, I Paid

Yes it is true!

Now before you get too jealous may I point out that they seem to have a different way of spelling it to me. They insist on Eye Pad. How silly of them.

For many years I have had a pterygium (see below) in both eyes. The left has become worse and is obstructing my vision so the specialists have decided it needs to be removed under a general anaesthetic. This will take place at the Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton on Wednesday.

It is not a major operation. Certainly nothing compared to what Marilyn has been through over the past few years but it is my vision so your prayers would be much appreciated.

After the operation I get my i (eye) pad.

If I am a little slow responding to email etc. after the surgery please be patient.

Likewise if you join Christian House Sitters on Wednesday or Thursday of next week there will be a slight delay in getting your membership processed.


Eye Pad







PS For those who do not know what a pterygium is here is an extract from Guy’s Hospital website

A pterygium is a raised, triangular or wedge-shaped, benign growth of conjunctiva tissue. The conjunctiva is the mucus membrane that covers the front of your eye. It usually occurs on the side of your eye nearest your nose. A pterygium can grow over the cornea (the transparent dome at the front of your eyeball) in a triangular fashion. It may grow large enough to affect your vision (eyesight).

A pterygium usually develops if you have been living in a hot, dry climate. This may be a response to: • your eye’s long-term exposure to sunlight and • chronic eye irritation from the dry climate

As the pterygium develops it may alter the shape of the cornea, making it curve more. This causes astigmatism, which affects how your eye focuses. When the pterygium has grown towards the centre of your cornea it will affect your vision.




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