Why can’t people read?

Picture of stressed person

Am I allowed to have a good moan?

Yes why not after all it is my blog.

I am feeling frustrated by Christians who can’t read. Or is it simply that they do not bother.

On our web site Christian House Sitters we  clearly explain what is involved in joining. This is explained on the home page where it says that House Owners can (at the moment) join free of charge but house sitters are charged an annual membership fee of just £20.

We go on to explain that proceeds go to support Christian work in South Africa.

We also say ‘before joining please read the FAQ page’. On that page we once again explain the costs etc.

Then when they click on the register tab and get to the registration page we once again explain the costs and procedure.

Yet every day I have someone joining as a sitter but ‘forgetting’ to pay’. When I email them they normally respond by saying ‘oh sorry I did not realise there was a charge’

Help. How can I make it clearer.

I really wish we could do it all free of charge but the web site costs money and part of our reason for existing is to raise money for Unsung Heroes a Christian ministry in South Africa. (See a previous post).

They are after all getting the opportunity of a free holiday by becoming a registered house sitter.

Enough. No more moaning. I just felt the need to get that lot off my chest.

The Cost of Pet Care

A lovely sounding lady emailed me from America this morning. She had been looking at our Christian House Sitters web site and was astounded that she could get a Christian to live in her house and look after her pets while she and her family have a holiday.

She said that last year they employed a pet sitting service. The sitters visited her dog for 20 minutes each morning, giving it some fresh water, this visit lasted 20 minutes. They visited again during the day to take the dog for a half hour walk and for a final 20 minute visit to feed and settle the dog in the evening.

She said this cost her $48 per day. They were away for 2 weeks so dog care alone cost them $672.

The dog and indeed her home were left unattended overnight.

With our service she can have a family stay in the house, look after the house and look after the dog and it will not cost her anything. At the same time as saving $672 she is giving another Christian a holiday and supporting Christian work in South Africa.

She was beside herself with appreciation.

I am so glad we are doing something right.