Before you ask

Before you ask I will answer says the Lord.

Well Marilyn and I recently changed churches. No problem with our previous church. We remain on very good terms but we moved to a new town and therefore needed to find somewharer local to worship.

We are very happy in the new church. However because we are new we felt it would be wrong to say too much about Christian House Sitters. Each week we look at the church notices and the thought crossed our mind that our house sitting service should be listed.

We have not hesitated to inform our previous church. But we are so new here. It felt awkward.

We chatted to each other and decided to wait another month then chat to the Pastor and explain all about Christian House Sitters and ask for some publicity.

This evening I logged on to the site and noticed that we have another new member. I looked again and yes indeed the new member is our own Pastor.

What an encouragement. We did not have to ask him to approve of our ministry. He found it himself, investigated and joined.

Thank you Lord.



In my car I have a GPS device. To be perfectly honest I only have a very general idea how it works. I know it picks up signals from a number of satellites and then coordinates the results to calculate where I am. All very clever stuff.

I may not understand it fully but I trust it. When I am going somewhere new I type in the address and a voice tells me where to turn and guides me to my destination.

There are times when something unexpected happens on my journey. There may be road works or an accident blocking the route. Not a problem to my GPS it simply re calculates a new route.

At times it gets cross with me (yes I know it is just a machine). This is when I miss a turning. It tells me to turn back or if I continue it calculates a new route.

If only I could hear the guiding voice of God as easily and clearly.

He knows exactly where I am. He knows the best route for my life. I want to be sensitive to His guidance. I want to trust His directions even when from my perspective they do not make sense.


God never sleeps

God never sleeps. An amazing thought. Whatever the time He is there. He is awake and watching over His children.

What brought this to my mind? Well I am just about to get ready for bed. After all it is almost 11pm Saturday night and tomorrow morning I want to be wide awake for church. As I prepare to go to bed I realised that our Christian House Sitters membership are in a very wide variety of time zones. We have house sitters in Australia and New Zealand who are no doubt getting up and getting themselves ready for church even as I prepare to go to bed. To them it is already tomorrow. We also have house owners and house sitters in America. To them it is still early Saturday evening. Way to early to be thinking of bed.

This realisation was reinforced by the fact that I know most mornings when I turn on my computer I will have messages from members who live down under. These were sent while I was sleeping.  Messages I send to our members in the USA and Canada only get opened much later in the day.

All different yet every one is precious to God.

I am so glad He never slumbers nor sleeps.


I am confused.

I am confused. Those who know me well say that getting me confused is not too much of a challenge. So no doubt this confusion is something you, my reader, can easily solve. If so please reply and help me out of my confusion.

As you know I run the web site Christian House Sitters. Over the past week I have had a number of very similar emails. They have come from all over the world. Scotland, Australia, America and South Africa. All have asked basically the same question. They have come from people saying that they have a holiday planned, they go on to mention the dates. Then they say something along the lines that they would love to have some Christian to look after their home and pets while they are away. They ask what we charge.

My first point of confusion is that the web site clearly says that our service is, at the moment, FREE to home owners.

Anyway I always reply explaining that this will not cost them anything and that there is therefore no risk involved.

I offer to help them with listing their details if they need any help.

Then nothing happens. They do not reply to my message. They do not list their house. They do not do anything.

As I said I am confused. If they were interested enough to want to use this service. Interested enough to email asking for the cost. Why do they vanish when told it is free?

Any ideas?


Worldwide Christian Family

There are many things about running the Christian House Sitters web site that bless me. One of them is the way it is helping me to make friends with Christians all over the world.

This morning I received an email from a lady who lives in Australia. She wrote

We are heading to the Gold Coast for 2 weeks holiday in September and a house sitter for our little dog sounded perfect…. what a pity you aren’t based in Melbourne! Please let me know if you ever branch down under!

How lovely to be able to write back saying that we do indeed offer a House Sitting service in Australia. Because of the internet we can help folk no matter where they live.

Many of our members are becoming friends as well. They join then send me emails telling me about themselves. As a result I now have new friends in New Zealand, Australia, America, South Africa, England, Scotland and Wales. This after having the site up for only 2 months.

As Christians we often talk about the ‘Christian Family;’ we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. I am enjoying getting to know members of my Christian family I had never encountered before. And at the same time I am able to help them enjoy a better holiday.

I love my job.

God bless you, 


Something for God to Do Box

The following was sent to me by a friend.

It blessed me so I decided to share it here.

God bless you,


 Good Morning.

I am God and today, I will be handling all your problems.

Please remember that I do not need your help.

If life happens to deliver a situation that you cannot handle DO NOT attempt to resolve it. Kindly place it in the ‘Something for God to Do’ box. All situations will be handled IN MY TIME, not yours.

Once the matter is placed into my box do not hold on to it worrying about it. Instead focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life now.

If it is a situation you think you are capable of handling, please consult me first to make sure it is a proper solution.

Remember I neither slumber nor sleep, so there is no need for you to lose any. Rest in peace and remember I am only a prayer away.

God is Generous and Giving

God is a generous and giving Father.

Today I was contacted by someone who lives about 4 miles away from Disney World in Florida to say that they are willing to offer their home, free of charge, to another Christian for a full 2 months during the summer.

What a fantastic offer.

In return they will have a Christian to look after their home and pets.

Five years ago Marilyn and I had a holiday in that area. It was out of season and 2 weeks cost us a lot of money. We had a fabulous time. Discovering that there is much more to Florida than theme parks.

We are thrilled that the Lord has made it possible for one of His children to have a fabulous holiday.

That is one of the many joys of running Christian House Sitters. Helping our fellow believers have free holidays. We at present have homes available in some fabulous locations including USA, UK and South Africa. At the same time helping home owners have a holiday without the worry or cost of having someone look after their property.

God is generous and so are His children


In His time…

Patience has never been my strongest quality. I am reminded of the well known slogan. “God grant me patience but please hurry”

Setting up the Christian House Sitters web site has been a learning experience in so many ways. I expected many of the new experiences but in my naivety I never realised that the Lord was going to use this site to teach me patience.

Waiting for Him to send in the right houses.

Waiting for Him to send in the right Sitters.

Waiting for folk who have promised to list their properties but just never seem to get around to actually doing it.

Dealing with the impatience from some of our members who can’t seem to understand that I have absolutely no idea when new houses or sitters will be arriving on-line. Some days we get loads of visitors to the site yet no new members. On other days we may have much less visitors but people join up.

Why? I really do not know. All I can say is that this is God’s site. He knows which of His children need someone to look after their homes and pets. He knows those who need but can’t afford a holiday. He is the perfect match maker.

I must stop being impatient and trust His timing.


What do you rely on?

What do you rely on?

I have had to ask myself that question many times over the years. Recently as we launched the Christian House Sitters web site it has come to the front once again.

I have done my best to produce a good website. I do my best to give a first rate service to all of our members. I have done all I know how to do in order to make the site better known such as making sure we are listed on the various search engines, asking friends to spread the word, etc.

But what am I relying on?

Am I relying on my computer skills?

Am I relying on my friends?

Am I relying on Google and the other search engines?

If so I am may as well close the site tonight.

1st John 4:16 puts it this way. ‘We rely on the love God has for us’

This is His site, His ministry and it was His idea. He will no doubt use all of our resources and there is no excuse for being lazy or doing less than my best but if the site is to be a success it is because of God not my efforts.

I pray that this site will be used by God to bring Him glory.


Free. We all love that word.

Something For Nothing.

What a great concept. I was chatting to a friend recently (yes I do have a friend) and in our conversation I mentioned that everything has a price. there is no such thing as something for nothing. He immediatly disagreed saying salvation is a free gift from God. We receive it but it costs us nothing. Naturally he is right but although it costs us nothing it cost God the life of his Son. Salvation may be free to us but not to God. Let us recognose the cost and appreciate his gift.

Talking about something for nothing we have added a section to our Christian House Sitters website offering a number of free resources. Even if you are not a house sitter or house owner please accept this invitation to use these wonderful free resources.

They include two live news feeds of up to the minute world news from a Christian perspective. Fabulous bible study tools. A Christian search engine,.Free Christian e- cards and lots more. Have a look and enjoy them

God bless you,


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